Essential Equipment is backed by years of experience in the sewer and storm drain industry and only represent products we believe in. We serve the great states of Texas and Oklahoma for your sewer inspection camera systems.

Having the right equipment for storm drain and sewer pipe inspection is crucial for ensuring accurate assessments and efficient maintenance, High-Quality cameras and sensors allow inspectors to identify issues such as blockages, cracks, or leaks with precision, enabling timely repairs before they escalate to larger problems.


PANORAMO® 4K Vehicle system for sewer inspection
The greatest innovation in pipeline inspection technology is no available with 4K resolution. PANAROMO 4K pipeline scanner inspections are clear and quick! Contact for more info.

PANARAMO 150 4K Vehicle system for sewer inspection
As cities clamored for PANARAMO data, IBAK recognized they could design a pipeline scanner that was easier to operate. The PANARAMO 150 is that system!
Capable of inspecting over 90% of the pipelines that are found in sanitary sewer systems, the PANARAMO 150 is perfect for contractors and cities who want increased productivity and speed.  Contact us for more info.

PANORAMO SI 4K Manhole Scanner
Unique ability to capture every inch during manhole inspection ensures you never miss an observation. The PANORAMO® SI 4K is compatible with existingPANORAMO®systems and can be purchased as an add-on. It also functions as a standalone manhole scanning unit with the KW SI Cable Reel.
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LISY 4.2 Lateral Launch System
The LISY 4.2 is IBAK’s advanced lateral launch system. This impressive inspection system can launch from 6” to 78” mainlines into laterals 2” and up. With shorter front connector options, continuous camera rotation, and smaller launch cameras, it makes more demanding projects like reverse launching a breeze.  Contact for more info.

Designed to be 100% High Definition, the ORPHEUS HD provides the clearest, most detailed images of any camera available for mainline inspection.
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The new HD/SD adaptive zoom camera is the ultimate in flexibility and modularity with powerful digital zoom and laser measurement!
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The work-horse of our sewer inspection camera line. Deploy as a push camera or on a mainline tractor system, the ORION® SD can do it all.
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Vivax-Metrotech develops and manufactures products for buried utility locating, fiber-optic cable locating, ferrous metal detection, coating analysis and performing ACVG surveys on cathodic protected pipes, finding sheath to ground faults on cables, inspecting the interior of pipes and ducts, and mapping of buried utilities.Vivax-Metrotech products are backed up by our worldwide network of trained distributors and service centers bringing the customer local sales, training, and service centers.

vCam-6 HD Inspection SystemThe vCam-6 HD inspection system from Vivax-Metrotech gives you the flexibility to cover a range of inspections including municipal collection systems, residential plumbing, indoor commercial lines, and lateral lines from three inches up to eight inches in diameter. Our camera systems use the latest technology packaged in a rugged, lightweight, compact profile made...View More

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